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September 12, 2011

Dear Ron,

I am very pleased with your services and certainly will be happy to refer your company to anyone . I also would be happy to be used as a reference if the need ever arose. God Bless you and your family.  Thanks.




You are an absolutely wonderful person.  I appreciate everything you did to get my computer going.  I will be passing on a lot of customers to you, even though you are a Sox fan.  LOL. When my computer first crashed I thought it was gone!  I am so glad that you replaced the hard drive and it is running beautifully.  It is actually better than before.  Keep up the great work.  I will be calling you soon to upgrade the laptops firewalls.  I will never use anyone else.



We are soooo very happy to have you as our computer guy!  We went through quite a few and never, ever had such a great experience as you have shown us.  Our computers are working just as you promised "better than new"!  You are fantastic!  Thanks, we are spreading the word.  I have already posted you on my Facebook.  We will be calling you again and hope to send you some business.



I just wanted to let you know we are thrilled with your expertise and service!  You are thorough, prompt and your prices are great!!  We have had 2 different computers go out in the past year and that is devastating.  Now a days it is impossible to be without a computer; it is a lifeline. We called you both times and you had both computers operating as if they were new within 1 day!  Recently, I took our 2nd computer to Best Buy first since we had a 3 year replacement/service plan.  The "GEEK SQUAD" looked puzzled and had no idea how to fix the MAC!  They said they would have to send it out which would take a week to ten days.  We will be telling everyone we know about you and how wonderful Kimitron Computers is.  I will never purchase a replacement/services plan now that you are our "Computer Expert!"    Keep up the GREAT work!

Berna Gaul


Just wanted to tell you that the upgraded system is working out great.  I’ve been slowly reloading all the programs, and so far, so good!  

Thanks again for all your help.  I really appreciate what you did.  It feels like a new system.  I won’t get to play with it again until next Wednesday night.  I’ll look forward to it.

Matthew Krump

Sales and Service Marketing Program Manager - CSO

Navistar, Inc.


Brian Arabia


I can't thank you enough for taking care of all of our computer needs!  Both our Mac and Vista-based computers are running flawlessly.  I have been to the Geek Squad in the past, but your service and pricing is far superior!  I will recommend Kimitron to all of my business associates and friends!

Kind Regards,

Brian Arabia

Hey Ron,

Everything seems to be running great on my new computer!  It is nice to be able to use it again.  Thanks again.


A Satisfied Customer:

I was just writing to profess my extreme satisfaction with the service that i have received from the Kimitron Computers agent Ron Levitt.  First and foremost, he was easily accessible and went out of his way to come and get my device to work on it.  Then when it was in his possession, he was diligent enough to phone me to give me an update on the progress of service on my laptop.

When he was ready to get the machine back to me, now fully functional, Ron went out of his way once again to set me up with a wireless connection for the laptop.  He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to walk me through all the necessary steps to understand what corrections had been made to my laptop and he set up my wireless system for me.

Even after he departed when I had some questions, Ron was there to answer those queries.  I will undoubtedly be referring anyone that I know who is in need of these services to contact Kimitron Computers.


Alex Hernandez


Thanks for everything.  Laura is really excited to get her computer back.  She really likes the TV capabilities.

I understand the RAM upgrade and maybe we can do it over the summer.

Take Care.


Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for fixing Laura's computer so quickly.  She is really excited about everything you put on it.  You're amazing :)


Hi Ron,

Thank you very much for the great job you did fixing our computer!  We will tell all of our friends how great you are!

Thanks Again.


I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service I received from Kimitron in setting up my office network.  Service was fast, prompt, and professional.  Not only is my network working flawlessly, I now know how it works!


Kudos to Kimitron.  My computer is working like it is fresh out of the box!  Thanks for cleaning my computer and securing my wireless network.


Thank you for the quick response and getting my Slingbox Pro hooked up and running with my network.  My son can now follow the Chicago sports team from his dorm in southern California.  The technology is amazing!  Thanks for the detailed instructions on how everything works.  I will tell all of my friends about Kimitron!


I just want express my appreciation to Kimitron for the ongoing technical support.  Not only did you clean my two computers and set up our secured wireless, but the phone support has been outstanding in helping me understand what I am doing!  Keep up the great work!